Sweet Sauces, Fruit sauces and dips in bulk or individual portions from Bowlander limited

Sweet Sauces, Fruit Sauces & Dips

Made to order sweet sauces. UK developed and produced and designed to suit your project requirements.  

Sweet sauces, dessert toppings and cream fillings are often forgotten, but they can make a great difference to desserts, pancakes, waffles, yogurts and fruit.

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We can develop healthier fruit or indulgent chocolate, citrus or dairy based recipes.

Chilled or freeze thaw stable subject to recipe formulation. 
Packaging options: Bulk – 5-10kg pails / Individual sachets from 30g – 250g. MOQ: 250kg. 

Please discuss your requirements with our team sales@bowlander.co.uk
We have detailed suggestions as below.

BRC Accredited AA Grade - Bowlander Limited
Chilled Ingredients for perfection from Bowlander
Freeze Thaw Stable Ingredients for perfection from Bowlander



Calvados apple

Cinnamon Custard

Creme Anglais

Mango & Passionfruit

Maple Syrup

Milk, White or Dark Chocolate Sauce

Peach Melba Sauce

Raspberry Coulis

Real Vanilla Sauce

Rhubarb Syrup & Lime

Rich Chocolate and Cherry

Sea Salted Caramel

Summer Berry Compote

Toffee Sauce

Toffee & Sticky Stem Ginger

White Chocolate & Vanilla

Wildflower Honey

Summer Berry Compote - Sweet Sauces from Bowlander - Ingredients for Perfection