Markets and sectors - Pet food, bakery, brewers, Vegan and more from Bowlander - Ingredients for Perfection

Markets And Sectors We Supply

We supply to UK food producers from local cheese makers to Plc food groups. Many of our customers started small and developed into large food producers.
Our ingredients find their way into D2C, foodservice and retail lines, including most of the major UK supermarkets.


Dried spices, IQF herbs, spice pastes, Chillies, flavoured butter portions, vegetable puree inclusions, bread, ethnic variations, croutons.


Low micro dried herbs, IQF herbs, speciality fruit glazes in sachet or dip pot formats.

Farm Shops

Wide range of IQF herbs, fruits, and vegetables, IQF grains and citrus zests combined to 150kg for free delivery.


Concentrated spice pastes, IQF flavoured butters and IQF grains, portion control options including sachets of blended spices.

Ready meals

Ethnic, Scandinavian, African, Mediterranean, British Traditional, bespoke sauces, glazes and marinades in bulk or sachet formats.


Bespoke flavoured butters and sauces in bulk or sachets, IQF herbs and vegetablesfresh chilled and frozen fillets / meals and cured lines.


IQF zests, stem and crystallised ginger.

Free From

Nut free, gluten free, dairy free on request.


Bespoke sauces, glazes and marinades to add value. Bulk or sachet formats. IQF
Flavoured Butter portions bulk packed bespoke only.

Preserves & Chutneys

IQF fruits, citrus zest and juices, herbs, vegetables, chilli, ginger and garlic ingredients. Pomegranate Molasses, Peppercorns in brine.


Bespoke dressings in sachet format.


IQF vegetables, herbs and dried spices, IQF grains

Cooking Sauces

Concentrated spice pastes, IQF herbs, vegetables, pulses and dried spices, Asian Ingredients / Miso.

Meal kit components

Bespoke spice pastes and ingredients in sachet format.

Pet Food

IQF Vegetables, IQF Herbs and IQF Fruits plus dried herbs.

Spotlight on…

Vegan and Vegetarian

Stir fry vegetables, vegetable snacks.
We are suppliers of vegan & vegetarian, plant based and low carb ingredients – frozen vegetables IQF, frozen low carb vegetable mixes, frozen grill roasted vegetables, Vegan Pesto, Vegan Dips, Vegan Dressings, Vegan Sauces, frozen UK grown herbs, spices, frozen soy beans, frozen fruits, frozen fruit purees and roasted spices and seeds.

Drink producers and Breweries

IQF zests, IQF fruits. We are suppliers of frozen IQF fruit and frozen IQF fruit puree for producers of healthy drinks, alcoholic drinks and non-alcoholic drinks. Our frozen fruit IQF is supplied wholesale in bulk.
We supply IQF zests, IQF fruits, frozen fruit and frozen fruit puree to a wide range of drinks producers; for healthy drinks and non-alcoholic drinks such as Kombucha, fruit juices, flavoured water, tonic, botanical drinks and smoothies, for alcoholic drinks – craft beer, artisan beer, botanical beer, artisan gin and cocktails.