Individually Quick Frozen Vegetables - Ingredients for Perfection - Single Ingredients from Bowlander Limited

Individually Quick Frozen Vegetables – IQF

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IQF (Individually Quick Frozen), Free Flow, BRC Grade.
Processed to BRC higher standards and supported by year round stock.
Our standard pack size is 10kg carton (unless stated otherwise).
UK stock, year round on most lines.
Free delivery for combined product orders of 150kgs*.
450kg per full pallet.
Lead time: 5-7 working days for deliveries throughout the UK from UK stock. Urgent deliveries via courier by arrangement.
Prices are available on request.
We offer technical support and sampling with consistent product and availability.
*If you require less than 150kgs, a delivery charge applies.
Contact us to discuss your requirements.

BRC Accredited AA Grade - Bowlander Limited
UK Stock ingredients, herbs, spices, IQF vegetables from Bowlander Limited UK
150kg free delivery from Bowlander Limited UK
10kg carton - Frozen ingredients bulk supplier - Bowlander Ltd

Individually Quick Frozen Vegetables

10kg cartons unless stated

IQF Aubergine diced 20mm

IQF Bamboo shoots sliced

IQF Beans green cut 1″

IQF Beetroot Diced 10mm

IQF Broccoli crumb

IQF Broccoli florets 10-20mm

IQF Butternut squash diced 15mm

Frozen Carrot diced 10mm

IQF Carrot milled 0-2mm

IQF Cauliflower floret 10-30mm

IQF Celery diced 10mm

IQF Chickpeas whole

IQF Courgette diced 10mm

IQF Fennel bulb diced 10mm

Frozen Kale Curly Nuggets 4 x 2.5kg

IQF Kale Loose 4 x 1.5kg

IQF Leeks diced 10mm

IQF Mushrooms chestnut dark sliced

IQF Mushrooms diced 9 x 9 x 12mm

IQF Mushrooms exotic mix

IQF Mushrooms oyster diced

IQF Mushrooms sliced

IQF Mushrooms Woodland Mix

IQF Mushrooms wood ear / black fungus

IQF Onion diced 6mm

IQF Onion diced 10mm

IQF Onion fried diced 10mm*

IQF Onion caramelised diced 10mm 3 x 5kg

Frozen Onion puree 060

IQF Onion red diced 10mm

IQF Onion red sliced 4mm

IQF Onion red sliced 5-7mm

IQF Onion silverskin whole 16-18mm

IQF Onion sliced 5-7mm white

IQF Parsnip diced 10mm

IQF Peas fine (garden peas)

IQF Pepper green diced 10mm

IQF Pepper red chopped 3mm

IQF Pepper red diced 10mm

IQF Pepper red diced 20mm

Frozen Pepper red milled 060

IQF Pepper red sliced 6-8mm

IQF Pepper red / green diced 10mm 50/50

Frozen Pepper yellow diced 10mm

IQF Pepper yellow puree 060

IQF Pepper yellow sliced 10mm

IQF Petit pois

IQF Potato diced 10mm

IQF Shallots diced 4mm

IQF Spinach 1-2cm

IQF Spinach 6mm diced

Frozen Spinach nuggets 15g

IQF Spinach whole leaf

IQF Spring onions chopped 4.5mm

IQF Soy Beans – Edamame

IQF Swede diced 10mm

IQF Sweet potato diced 10mm

IQF Sweetcorn baby cut 15-30mm

IQF Sweetcorn Standard A Grade

IQF Tomatoes cherry halves

IQF Tomatoes cherry whole

IQF Tomatoes diced 10mm

IQF Tomatoes red oven semi dried segments

IQF Water chestnut sliced

IQF Spring onions 4-5mm from Bowlander - Ingredients for Perfection
IQF chopped Kale from Bowlander - Ingredients for Perfection

Frozen Vegetable Purees

Vegetable Purees - Ingredients from Bowlander Limited

Frozen Portions – Pea Puree & Sweet Potato Puree

Frozen Broccoli Puree Portions*

Frozen Bean Puree Portions*

Frozen Carrot Puree Portions*

Frozen Cauliflower Puree Portions*

Frozen Celeriac Puree Portions*

Frozen Pumpkin Puree*

Frozen Garden Pea Puree Portions*

Frozen Spinach Puree Portions*

Frozen Sweet Potato Mash Portions – Frozen Ready to Cook

*Some vegetable purees may only be available in full pallet quantities, please ask for details.

Riced Vegetable & Grain Mixes

Caulipower Mix - Ingredients from Bowlander Limited
Caulipower Mix

10 x 1kg bags per carton.

Great power food with finely chopped cauliflower, red quinoa and green lentils.

Green Wave Mix - Ingredients from Bowlander Limited
Green Wave Mix

10 x 1kg bags per carton.

Superfood with finely chopped broccoli, courgette, kale, spinach and wakame seaweed

Corn Mexicana - Ingredients from Bowlander Limited
Roasted Corn Mexicana Mix

Ready to cook.

10 x 1kg bags per carton.

A delicious stir-fry mix of roast corn, red kidney and grilled red pepper seasoned with olive oil and smoked spicy Mexican seasonings.

Sweet Life Mix - Ingredients from Bowlander Limited
Sweet Life Mix

10 x 1kg bags per carton.

Alternative to carbohydrates with finely chopped broccoli, sweet potato, riced cauliflower and sun-dried tomatoes.

Wild Rice Mix - Ingredients from Bowlander Limited
Wild Rice Mix

4 x 2.5kg bags per carton.

Mix of long grain rice and wild rice. Versatile mix that can be heated or is ready to eat.

Cauliflower Rice IQF Frozen - from Bowlander - Ingredients for Perfection
Cauliflower Rice

12 x 450g bags per carton.

Low carb healthy option. Cook from frozen and add spices and herbs to flavour as required.