Individually Quick Frozen Herbs - Ingredients for Perfection - Single Ingredients from Bowlander Limited

Fresh Frozen Chopped IQF Herbs

Alternative pack sizes are sometimes available, please request at time of ordering.
Full technical specifications for ‘Ready to eat’ or ‘Ready to cook’ batches can be supplied.
Get in touch to discuss your ongoing requirements.

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IQF (Individually Quick Frozen), Free Flow, BRC Grade.
Processed to BRC higher standards and supported by year round stock.
Our standard pack size is 10kg carton (unless stated otherwise).
UK stock, year round on most lines.
Free delivery for combined product orders of 150kgs*.
450kg per full pallet.
Lead time: 5-7 working days for deliveries throughout the UK from UK stock. Urgent deliveries via courier by arrangement.
Prices are available on request.
We offer technical support and sampling with consistent product and availability.
*If you require less than 150kgs, a delivery charge applies.
Contact us to discuss your requirements.

BRC Accredited AA Grade - Bowlander Limited
UK Stock ingredients, herbs, spices, IQF vegetables from Bowlander Limited UK
150kg free delivery from Bowlander Limited UK
10kg carton - Frozen ingredients bulk supplier - Bowlander Ltd

Available in British grown formats – please request at time of ordering.

IQF Basil 1-4mm

IQF Basil 1-6mm

Frozen Basil Thai sweet 090

IQF Chervil 1-4mm

IQF Chives 3-5mm

IQF Coriander 1-4mm

IQF Coriander 1-6mm

IQF Coriander with stem chopped 1-10mm | 9kg

IQF Dill 1-5mm

Frozen Lemongrass (milled)

Frozen Lime leaves (milled or whole) 3 x 3kg

IQF Marjoram 1-4mm

IQF Mint 1-4mm

IQF Mint 1-6mm

IQF Oregano 1-4mm

IQF Oregano 1-6mm

IQF Parsley – Curly 1-4mm

IQF Parsley – Curly 1-6mm

IQF Parsley – Flat 1-4mm

IQF Parsley – Flat 1-6mm

IQF Rocket 1-4mm

IQF Rosemary 1-4mm

IQF Rosemary 1-6mm

IQF Rosemary needles

IQF Sage 1-4mm

IQF Sage 1-6mm

IQF Tarragon 1-4mm

IQF Tarragon 1-6mm

IQF Thyme 1-4mm

IQF Thyme whole leaf

IQF Wild Garlic Leaf 6mm diced | 2 x 5kg

Whole Leaf Herbs

IQF Lime Leaf

IQF Rosemary Needles

IQF Thyme

We also offer the above in chopped formats in 10kg cartons.

Ready Blended IQF Herbs

IQF Herbs De Provence (Marjoram, Parsley, Sage, Thyme)

IQF Herb Mix (Parsley, Thyme, Tarragon, Sage)

For bespoke IQF Herb Blends, contact us with your specific requirements. MOQ applies, check on enquiry.