Food Terms Explained


I.Q.F. means Individually Quick Frozen – this simply means that the particles of fruit, herb, spice or vegetable are frozen individually so that they don’t block together in a large ‘clump’. IQF products can be either whole, chopped, diced or sliced. We even offer some purees in I.Q.F. puree nuggets – which means that the puree has been frozen into individual portion controlled units (from 4g to 20g). This process helps food producers to use only what they need without thawing a whole case at a time, and also speeds up the ‘tempering-out’ or thawing process.

Ambient Stable

Ambient stable refers to a sauce, paste or puree which can be stored in cool, dry conditions but doesn’t need to be kept in a chiller or freezer. Once opened it may be necessary to store ambient stable ingredients chilled, to prolong shelf life and deter bacterial growth.


The term ‘SS’ refers to our dried herbs and spices and means that they have been Steam Sterilised, a very efficient way of reducing microbial growth whilst maintaining the colour and structure of the leaf or plant.


HT stands for Heat Treated dried ingredients whereby dry heat is applied in order to control or reduce microbial growth.


UNS stands for Un-Sieved.

Positive Release

Positive Release is a technical term used by laboratories which means that the batch of ingredients or finished product has been tested for a range of microbial bacteria and the results are provided prior to despatch to the customer.


Nuggets are a frozen portion of ‘wet’ sauce or puree – processed into a precise unit (4g to 20g), to enable portion control and speed up the thawing out / tempering process. Usually supplied in 10kg cartons & stored frozen.

Ex Store Prices

An Ex Store price is a price we will quote to customers which doesn’t include delivery to their chosen address. We would offer an ‘Ex Stores’ price when customers wish to arrange collection.

Low Micro

Low Micro is a term used to describe a product which has lower than average bacterial standards and which may be suitable for high risk foods.