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Ginger Ingredients

Our Chinese Ginger ingredients are carefully selected young stems to ensure no hard fibre is present. It has a warm but not peppery flavour and a bright golden colour. The factory source only from their own dedicated growers. They do not import ginger from outside origins or in the open market.

We also offer an organic range which is detailed below.

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UK Based Ginger Ingredients

The following ingredients are packed in 4 x 5kg cartons per outer case. Stock is held in the UK but can be depleted due to larger orders so we will confirm delivery dates at time of order.

Stem Ginger in Syrup

Used in jams, sauces, marinades, ice creams as well as for cakes and biscuits. Ginger syrup contains the aroma and pleasant sweet ginger flavour and allows this flavour to be present throughout the product. The term ‘stem’ was used to refer to the part of the ginger from where the stem grew, this being the youngest and most tender part of the plant.

5mm roughly diced drained Ginger

Ginger balls: 30-35 pieces per kg

Ginger shavings: 15-25mm roughly cut irregular pieces

Crystallised Ginger

Suitable for confectionary for incorporating into chocolate bars, cakes and biscuits. It can also be used for decoration.

5mm rough diced in caster sugar

8-16mm diced cubes in caster sugar

Organic Ginger

5mm roughly diced
Organic 8-16mm diced

Organic ginger from Bowlander -Ingredients for perfection

Typical products available to order (non UK Stock)

Stock can be brought in for larger contracted orders. Minimum order quantity will apply. Please ask for details.

Ginger in Syrup

Ginger: 15/16mm diced in syrup

Ginger Slices

Crystallised Ginger

Organic Ginger: 30-35 pieces per kg

Organic Ginger: 3mm roughly diced