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Dried Herbs & Spices, UK Roasted Spices

Dried herbs and spices, cut, ground, whole, steam treated and smoked heat treated. These are generally available in bulk pack ex UK stock with 5-10 days lead time. Full technical support and pesticide testing. If you are searching for a product that is not listed, please contact us. We can offer blending of dried herbs and spices on a bespoke basis. We can also sachet pack.
The following products are a selection of dried herbs and spices we offer. If you can’t see what you are looking for, contact us with your requirements.

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Our customers include food producers, cheese manufacturers, D2C meals, soup manufacturers, spice blenders, BBQ and pizza brands. Please ask if you have a volume or ongoing requirement, as supplies and customer order fluctuations can affect UK stock levels.

BRC Accredited AA Grade - Bowlander Limited
UK Stock ingredients, herbs, spices, IQF vegetables from Bowlander Limited UK

Dried Herbs Including British Grown

Basil ground steam treated | 25kg

Basil steam treated | 10kg

Bay ground steam treated | 25kg

Chervil | 10kg

Chive flakes | 10kg

Chive rings | 8kg

Coriander English and Egyptian | 10kg

Dill | 10kg

Fenugreek | 10kg

Garlic Wild Bears Cut | 5kg

Lemon balm leaves | 10kg

Marjoram ground steam treated | 25kg

Marjoram | 10kg

Mint | 10kg

Mixed herbs | 12.5kg

Oregano | 10kg

Parsley various cut sizes from 0.5mm to 6mm

Rosemary | 10kg

Sage Dalmatian steam treated | 10kg

Sage ground steam treated | 20kg

Sage perennial English | 12.5kg

Sage steam treated Turkish | 10kg

Spinach flakes | 10kg

Spinach powder | 25kg

Tarragon (French variety but English grown) | 10kg

Thyme | 10kg

Thyme ground | 25kg

Dried Spices and Citrus Zests

Anise ground (China Star) heat treated | 25kg

Cassia ground 2%VO steam treated | 25kg

Chilli flakes heat treated | 25kg

Chipotle chilli powder | 25kg

Coriander seed ground steam treated | 25kg

Cumin ground steam treated | 25kg

Cumin seed steam treated | 25kg

Ginger ground steam treated | 25kg

Kalonji/Nigella seed steam treated | 25kg

Mace ground steam treated | 25kg

Mustard seeds whole brown light heat treated | 25kg

Nutmeg ground steam treated | 25kg

Orange peel bitter granule 6mm | 10kg

Orange peel whole bitter | 10kg

Orange peel sweet fines | 25kg

Orange peel whole sweet | 10kg

Paprika ground 70 asta heat treated | 25kg

Paprika smoked heat treated | 25kg

Pepper black steam treated 8# | 25kg

Pepper black steam treated 12# | 25kg

Pepper black steam treated 14/36# | 25kg

Pepper black steam treated 18# | 25K

Pepper black ground steam treated 50# | 25kg

Pepper black ground steam treated 60# | 25kg

Pepper white ground Muntok 60# | 25kg

Pepper white ground steam treated 60# | 25kg

Piri Piri | 25kg

Turmeric ground steam treated | 25kg

We offer a blending service as well as the option to pack into sachets for meal kit concepts on all of our dried ingredients. Please get in touch for details.