Flavoured Butter and Soft chees in portions and pellets - Ingredients from Bowlander Limited

Flavoured Butter & Soft Cheese Portions & Pellets – IQF

We offer creative flavoured butter and soft cheese portion recipes available as IQF pellets and made to order, UK developed and produced. We can design a recipe to suit your project requirements.  

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Our recipes compliment steaks, seafood, speciality breeds and vegetables.
Freeze thaw stable. 
Packaging options: Bulk – 2 x 5kg bags in a box. Portions from 5g to 35g (see our butter & soft cheese portions guide).
MOQ apply for all butter recipes.
Please discuss your requirements with our team sales@bowlander.co.uk
We have detailed suggestions as below. Please note none of our butters are ready to eat.

BRC Accredited AA Grade - Bowlander Limited
Freeze Thaw Stable Ingredients for perfection from Bowlander
Per recipe MOQ - Bowlander - Ingredients for Perfection

Traditional Flavours

Bacon & Mint

Creamy cheddar, spring onion & Chive

English Parsley butter

Garlic butter with / without Parsley

Herb butter – Mediterranean / Thai / Provencal

Honey & Chilli butter

Honey & wholegrain mustard butter

Horseradish & Chive

Lemon Butter – with lemon zest, juice & chive

Lemon & Thyme

Mint butter – using frozen or fresh mint leaves

Mustard & Horseradish butter

Onion & Parsley butter

Parsley, Chive & Mint butter

Pink & green peppercorn

Plain or seasoned butter with pepper / lemon juice

Sage butter

Summer herbs

Gourmet Flavours



Caper & Parsley

Dulce Seaweed

Fennel & Dill

Tarragon & Anchovy


British Inspired

Cornish Sea salt & Wild Garlic

English Parsley Butter

Scottish Seaweed Butter

UK Provenance Butter portions from Bowlander - Ingredients for perfection

Bramley Apple & Kentish Cider

Black Garlic

Casserole mix with butter & flavoured stock

Chive & Peppercorn

Cinnamon & Black Pepper

Ginger Beer & Brown Sugar

Goats cheese & sweet pepper


Lemongrass & Chilli

Lemon, Thyme & Lavender

Lime & Ancho Chilli

Miso Butter

Pea, Chorizo & Mint

Red Miso

Roasted red onion & port

Sage & Mustard

Scottish Seaweed

Shitake & Tarragon

Smokey Chipotle Chilli

Stilton & Spinach


Wild Garlic & Fennel

Wild Mushroom & Pancetta

World Flavours

French / Mediterranean

Black olive & garlic butter

Dijon mustard butter

Olive & caper butter

Pancetta & sage


Pesto: red / green with / without nuts

Roasted tomato & basil

Salsa verde

Semi dried tomato & basil butter

Smoked paprika

Spanish mix

Sun dried tomato & olive

Tomato, Thyme & Saffron

Tomato & parmesan butter

Wild mushroom & tarragon butter

Zalater Spice

Asian / African /South American


Chilli, lime & coriander

Ginger & coriander butter

Hot Habanero

Malaysian spiced butter

Moroccan spiced butter

North African Spiced

Smoked Chipotle, Chilli and Sweet Pepper

Sumac and Mint

Sweet chilli butter

Thai fragrant butter

Zanzibar Curry

Flavoured Butter from Bowlander - Ingredients for Perfection

Many of these products are BRC accredited with a minimum order quantity and portion size of 10g and above.

Butter & Soft Cheese Portions Guide

Flavoured butter and soft cheese portions from Bowlander Ltd