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Ingredients for artisan food producers, farm shops, bakers

Artisans, Farm Shops & Bakers

If you are an artisan caterer, baker, brewer, or run a farm shop, please contact us for more information about our special range of ingredients and to discuss how we can help you with your recipes.

Normally available in 10kg bulk cartons. We can co pack into smaller units than the bulk 10kg for specific customer requirements or for the foodservice sector. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

* These are not retail products

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Our range of fruits are ready to eat, other ingredients are ready to cook. Please ask for our specifications. Available in 10kg bulk cartons.

Vegetables - ready to cook

  • Chopped Kale
  • Chopped Wild Garlic
  • Exotic mushroom mix
  • Chilli Puree Portions

Fruits - ready to eat

  • Pomegranate Seeds
  • Citrus zest (Lemon, Orange, Lime)

Bowlander Foodservice IQF Frozen vegetables and fruit


ROASTED CORN MEXICANA MIX - IQF, roasted, ready to cook

10 x 1kg bags per carton.A delicious stir-fry mix of roast corn, red kidney beans and grilled red pepper seasoned with olive oil and smoked spicy Mexican seasonings. Great for sandwich/wrap fillings and salad pots.

Wild Rice IQF mix from Bowlander

IQF COOKED WILD RICE MIX – ready to eat, just thaw and serve

4 x 2.5kg bags per carton.Mix of long grain rice and wild rice. Versatile mix that can be heated or is ready to eat.

IQF Cauliflower Rice

IQF Cauliflower Rice

100% riced cauliflower - great frozen low-carb ingredients. Perfect for gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian recipes including pizza bases, risotto or combine with pulses.


Available in 1kg pails x 6 per tray.* We can make bespoke spice pastes to order (MOQ 250kgs) or we have a small range of our own label recipes available.
Other spice pastes from Africa, South America, North America, Mediterranean or the Far East can be produced for an MOQ of 250kgs per recipe.

  • Szechaun Chilli 1kg x 6
  • Chipotle Chilli 1kg x 6
  • Rose Harissa 1kg x 6
  • Olive Tapenade 1kg x 6
  • Nut Free Pesto 1kg x 6

Artisan spice pastes 1kg pails

1kg plastic pails, re-seal lids and handles. 6 per tray. Ambient stable.

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We are here to help you source ingredients.

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