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Speciality Tomato & Pesto Ingredients

We have a delicious range of meditterranean ingredients which will enhance Sauces, Chutneys, Dressings and Recipe Dishes.

Sun Dried Tomato Pastes:

Many variations are available including chilled and ambient stable versions produced with Olive Oil or Sunflower Oil, Herbs, Spices in smooth or coarse paste formats.

Sun Dried Tomato Pieces:

Semi Dried (oven) Red or Yellow Tomatoes supplied diced 10mm or in segments

Dried granules, quarters. Semi Dried Tomato Halves: Combined with olive oil, Garlic and Herbs.

Cherry Tomatoes:

Whole or halved, plain or roasted. Can be combined with Mediterranean Herbs & Garlic, or just simply as they come.

Sun Dried Tomato & Green Olive Tapenade:

A coarse paste combining Sun Dried Tomatoes with Green Olives.

Rustic Pesto Range

Green Pesto with Pine Nuts

Red Pesto with Pine Nuts

Red Pepper Calabrese with Pine Nuts

Red Pepper & SDT

Rosso Piccante

We can also offer pestos without pine nuts. Minimum 300kg per order.