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Individually Quick Frozen Vegetables

Individually Quick Frozen Vegetables (10kg cartons)


Vegetables - I.Q.F. - Free Flow – BRC Grade A. U.K. stock year round: Normal 10kg cartons although 1kg or batch packs & blends can be packed to order.

Lead time: 5 working days for deliveries throughout the U.K. and Eire.

Fresh Frozen Vegetables (I.Q.F.)

Asparagus cuts and tips

Asparagus milled 060

Aubergine diced 10mm

Aubergine diced 20mm

Bamboo shoots sliced

Beans green cut 1"

Beans green cut 1/2"

Beans whole fine 10 x 1kg

Beetroot Diced 10mm 4 x 2.5kg

Broad beans whole

Broccoli crumb

Broccoli florets 10-20mm

Broccoli florets 15-30

Broccoli florets 20-40

Butternut squash diced 10mm

Butternut squash diced 20mm

Butternut squash puree

Carrot baton

Carrot diced 10mm

Carrot sliced 4 x 2.5kg

Cauliflower 15-30mm

Cauliflower floret 10-30mm

Celery cut 12mm

Celery diced 10mm

Chick peas

Courgette diced 10mm

Courgette half moon slices

Courgette roundells 5-7mm

Fennel bulb diced 10mm

Kale Curly Nuggets 4 x 2.5kg

Kale Loose 4 x 1.5kg

Leeks diced 10mm

Leeks diced 6mm

Leeks roundels 7mm

Mix - Oriental

Mushrooms button sliced <35mm cap

Mushrooms button whole <35mm cap

Mushrooms chestnut dark sliced

Mushrooms diced 9 x 9 x 12mm

Mushrooms exotic mix

Mushrooms Nameko

Mushrooms oyster diced

Mushrooms sliced

Mushrooms wood ear / black fungus

Onion diced 10mm

Onion diced 6mm

Onion fried diced 10mm

Onion caramelised diced 10mm 3 x 5kg

Onion puree 060

Onion red diced 10mm

Onion red sliced 4mm

Onion red sliced 5-7mm

Onion silverskin whole 16-18mm

Onion sliced 5-7mm white

Onion white sliced 4mm

Parsnip diced 10mm

Peas fine (garden peas)

cherry-tomato-halves-iqf Pepper green diced 10mm

Pepper green diced 20mm

Pepper green puree 060

Pepper green sliced 10mm

Pepper red chopped 3mm

Pepper red diced 10mm

Pepper red diced 20mm

Pepper red milled 060

Pepper red sliced 10mm

Pepper red/green diced 10mm 50/50

Pepper red/green diced 20mm 50/50

Pepper red/green sliced 10 x 1kg

Pepper tricolour diced 10mm

Pepper yellow diced 10mm

Pepper yellow diced 20mm

Pepper yellow puree 060

Pepper yellow sliced 6mm

Petit pois

Potato diced 10mm

Potato diced 20mm

Pumpkin diced 10mm

Shallots diced 4mm

Shallots milled

Shallots whole

Spinach 1-2cm

Spinach 6mm diced

Spinach 1-2cm 10 x 1kg bags

Spinach nuggets 15g

Spinach whole leaf

Spring onions chopped 4.5mm

Swede diced 10mm 20kg bag,

Sweet potato diced 10mm

Sweetcorn baby cut 15-30mm

Sweetcorn Standard A Grade

Sweetcorn supersweet

Tomatoes cherry halves

Tomatoes cherry whole

Tomatoes diced 10mm

Tomatoes diced 10mm Polish

Tomatoes sun dried pieces 6mm a/s

Tomatoes oven semi dried red diced 10mm

Tomatoes red oven semi dried segments

Bespoke IQF Frozen Vegetable Mixes (minimum orders apply)

Bespoke Mixes can be produced for you, some examples are below but we can do most blends you require:

Oriental mix – Babycorn, Broccoli, Onion, Pepper, Sugar Snap Peas

Omelette mix – Onions, Peppers, Mushrooms

Casserole mix – Onions, Carrots, Swede

Mediterranean mix – Herbs, Tomatoes, Onions, Peppers, Mushrooms, Olive Oil