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IQF Frozen fruits

Frozen Fruits (I.Q.F. Free Flowing) Exotic / Orchard / Stoned

Ready peeled and Chopped or Sliced, whole fruits in 10kg bulk or 1kg batch packs / blends. Minimum orders are 100kg of combined fruits for free delivery. 450kg per full pallet. Our customers include: food producers, farm shops, bakers & smoothie bars.

Apple Bramley diced 10mm

Apple Bramley sliced

Apple granny smith diced 10mm

Apple slices Jonagold

Apricot diced 10mm

Banana slices

Blackberries whole

Blackcurrants whole

Blueberries cultivated

Blueberries Wild Whole

Cherries black sweet whole destoned

Cherries sour whole Lutovka

Cranberries whole

Fig halves

Fruits of the forest

Gooseberries whole

Grapes blue

Kiwi fruit diced

Lemon juice unsieved b/f

Lime juice unsieved b/f

Mandarin segments skin off

Mango diced 10mm pos release

Mango diced 15mm

Melon green balls<

Summer Fruits Mix

Orange juice unsieved b/f

Papaya diced 15mm

Peach diced 10mm

Peach sliced

Pears William diced 10mm

Pineapple tidbits 1/16

Plum diced 10mm

Plum halves

Pomegranate seeds

Raspberries Serbian whole

Raspberries whole/broken

Raspberries crumb

Redcurrants whole

Rhubarb sliced 12mm

Strawberries Camarossa diced 10mm

Strawberries Camarossa whole

Strawberries Senga Sengana

Purees & Pellets:

Apple puree

Apricot puree

Blackcurrants puree WS

Mango puree WOS

Passion fruit puree WS

Passion fruit puree no sugar

Raspberries puree no seeds no sugar

Raspberries puree no seeds with sugar

Strawberries puree WS no seeds

Passionfruit pellets

Yoghurt Pellets with sugar

Yoghurt Pellets without Sugar

Beetroot Pellets

Acai pellets

Coconut pellets

IQF Blended Fruits in Pouches (from 100g)

U.K stock IQF Fruits can be blended and batch packed to bespoke recipes. We also have a range of puree in 20g tablet or portions such as: Coconut, Acai Berry, Passion Fruit, Yoghurt, Avocado.