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Sushi Ginger Ingredients, Ginger in Syrup, Crystallised
and Organic Ginger in Syrup, Candied Ginger ingredients

Ginger ingredients


Our Chinese Ginger ingredients are carefully selected young stems to ensure no hard fibre is present. It has a warm but not peppery flavour and a bright golden colour. Ginger in syrup gives great benefit to many applications as the syrup aids to give a consistent Ginger taste throughout cakes, biscuits, ice creams, dairy products, marinades, sauces, preserves etc.

We also offer an organic range which is detailed below.

Sushi Ginger:

Cleaner declaration. Irregular 20 - 40mm pieces. 10kg pails (minimum 300g order)

Candied Stem Ginger & Crystallised Ginger Ingredients - Typical U.K. based stock:

All ingredient below are packed either 4 x 5kg cartons per outer case / or in 100kg drums.

Ginger in Syrup:

Ginger Balls: 30-35 pieces per kg

Ginger Shavings: random 15-25mm cut irregular pieces (cost effective ingredient)

Crystallised Ginger:

Ginger: 5mm random diced/chopped and drained from syrup

8/16 Irregular diced/chopped

5mm random diced crystallised


Organic Ginger: 5mm random diced/chopped and drained from syrup


5mm random diced

Organic 8/16 diced

Typical Products available to order (non U.K. stock)

Ginger in Syrup:

Ginger: 5mm random diced drained

Ginger: 15/16mm diced in syrup

Ginger: 130/160 in syrup

Ginger Slices

Ginger Balls: 80-100 per kg (smaller balls)

Crystallised Ginger:

Supplied in 20kg cartons (4 x 5kg inner cases)

Organic Ginger: 30-35 pieces per kg

Organic Ginger: 3mm random diced