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Spice ingredients IQF

Spice Ingredients

Supplied in bulk (10kg), with full technical specifications and fast turnaround. B.R.C. accredited U.K. stock.

Garlic Ingredients

Garlic Puree – Chinese or European (usually Spanish)

Garlic chinese 20g nuggets I.Q.Fv

Garlic cloves I.Q.F

Garlic diced 3/4mm I.Q.F

Roasted Garlic whole cloves or puree I.Q.F

Garlic roasted puree

Garlic leaf wild 6mm diced I.Q.F

Dried Garlic granules

Ginger & Related Ingredients:

Ginger Puree

Ginger Diced 4mm I.Q.F

Ginger Puree Nuggets 20g portions free flow I.Q.F

Ginger julienne I.Q.F

Stem Ginger 5mm RD Chopped

Galangal milled 060 I.Q.F


Horseradish 4mm diced I.Q.F

Horseradish grated I.Q.F

Horseradish Paste – ambient stable (minimum order 250kg)

English grated Horseradish is available on request

Wasabi Paste

Wasabi Paste - produced to order in the U.K. Minimum order 100kg.

NEW Pastes for 2016

Tamarind Concentrated

Pomegranate Molasses

Our Spice Ingredients are packed into 10kg units and are available from U.K. stock. Minimum order for free delivery would normally be 100kg unless otherwise stated. Prices are available and are subject to reconfirmation at the time of order.