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Dried Herbs, Spices and Peppercorns

Dried Herbs

We offer Heat treated (Steam Sterilised) and Standard Herbs from U.K. stock. BRC accredited and tested for pesticide residues. GM Free. Services include batch packing, blending and fast tracking of orders where required. Our lead times are generally 5 working days for stock lines. We deliver throughout the U.K., and Eire.

Herbs Printed in Green are available as British Grown and processed

We offer these from stock in 10kg multiwall paper sacks. For bespoke packs, blends and labelling requirements please contact us to discuss.


Bay Leaves whole

Chervil 6mm

Chive Flakes 6mm

Coriander (Cilantro) 6mm

Dill: EU or Egyptian

Fenugreek Leaf

Mint Spearmint

dried wild garlic

Oregano 6mm or ground, also available: South American or Turkish varieties re-cleaned in the UK and heat treated if required

Parsley Powder: 1mm, 3mm, 6mm, High Bulk 8mm

Rosemary 6mm imported and re-cleaned

Sage Perennial or Annual 1- 6mm, or Turkish or Egyptian

Spring Onions 4-6mm

Tarragon French type1-6mm

Thyme 6mm imported and re-cleaned in the UK - ground also available

Dried Peppers

A range of mesh sizes and colours to enhance your recipes:

5 Pepper Mix

Long Peppers



Black Pepper - whole , cracked , ground - various mesh sizes (see photograph) - these are heat treated available in 10kg or 1kg/2kg foodservice jars/bags.

Coloured Peppers include:





Green (Dried or in Brine)

5 Pepper blend - whole or cracked

Dried Herb Blends

Fines Herbs

Herbs De Provence

Pizza Blend

Steak Blend

Stuffing Blend

Dried Spices

Allspice Berriesv

Birds Eye Chillies

Cardamom Pods Green

Cardamom Pods Black

Cassia Quills

Chillies Whole

Cinnamon Sticks 6"

Cinnamon Sticks 3"



Ginger Root

Ginger Cut

Juniper Berries

Lemon Grass Stalk - freeze dried

Lime Leaves - freeze dried

Lime Leaves - air dried

Mace Blades

Mulled Wine Spice


Pickling Spice


Edible Flowers


Rose Petals


Vanilla: We are able to offer pods or a ready to use paste - please ask for details.

If you have a requirement for a dried herb or spice which we haven’t mentioned on our list - please email or telephone our office with your enquiry.