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Ingredients for Perfection

Since 1990, we have delivered our ingredients to UK mainland and Irish food producers on a weekly basis. We supply samples for New Product development and then ensure that orders are processed, requirements are often met on tight lead times. Many of our ingredients are supplied as BRC grade A accredited and we have the experience, consistent supply, pricing and technical support to make your NPD and purchasing simpler. Our range is added to regularly either by customer demand, or through the constantly evolving requirements for new food trends.

  • Fresh Ideas, Inspiring Ingredients for Perfection
  • Unrivalled Customer Support & Expertise
  • Friendly, Efficient Customer service
  • Fast Turnaround on Samples, Quotes & Deliveries
  • Expert, Dedicated Product Development Team
  • BRC Accredited Ingredients, Product Traceability
  • Flexible Packaging Options
Fresh Frozen Chopped IQF Herbs

Fresh Frozen Chopped IQF Herbs

From the UK's largest grower & processor of I.Q.F. Herbs. Processed to B.R.C. higher standards and supported by year round stock. More...

Dried herbs, cracked black pepper, dried wild garlic

Dried Herbs
& Spices

Gently air dried & quality assured - many from selected growers in England and also overseas. Tested for microbiological safety and pesticide residues. More...

Chilli ingredients -South American chilli pastes and purees and NEW Umami Flavours


A range of chilli ingredients including South American chilli pastes and purees. New Fermented Oriental & Umami Ingredients. Pulped chilli in oil and frozen birds eye red chillies. More...

Artisans, Bakers and Farm Shops, Ingredients

Artisans, Bakers
& Farm Shops

A NEW collection for Artisans, Bakers and Farm Shops, including Fruit Smoothie Packs, Ginger, IQF Vegetables, Citrus Ingredients, Edible Flowers & Baking Spices. More...

IQF vegetables

IQF Vegetables &
Grill Roasted Vegetables

IQF Vegetables & Grill Roasted Vegetables. I.Q.F., Free Flow, BRC Grade A, U.K. stock year round, fresh frozen vegetables available as single vegetable ingredients and vegetable mixes. More...

Citrus Ingredients for bakers, artisan food makers, farm shops

Citrus Ingredients
& Unsieved Juices

Citrus Ingredients & Juices. Fresh frozen citrus peels, zests, milled peels, purees, natural citrus ingredients and unsieved juices.More...

Ginger ingredients, Stem Ginger, Ginger in Syrup, Crystallised and Organic Ginger in Syrup

Stem Ginger &
Crystallised Ginger

Stem Ginger, Ginger in Syrup, Crystallised and Organic Ginger in Syrup. Our Chinese Ginger ingredients are carefully selected young stems to ensure no hard fibre is present. More...

Spice pastes, Curry pastes, Wasabi, pesto and salsa

Concentrated Spice Pastes

Newly developed authentic spice pastes from around the world. Our authentic spice pastes come in a wide range of flavours including Curry pastes, Wasabi, Pesto and Salsa. More...